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The Nick's Blog

Disclaimer: Always Mr. Nice Guy, who am I kidding

September 19th, 2009

Just saw The Lonely Forest as MS Studios. A young band that shows promise but doesn't know when to step up to the plate. Next band is late due to bus trouble.
MFNW Day 3: I think I like The Like. An unexpected chick band who are all way to young and way to pretty. Solid performance, but not stand out.
Check the time stamp. Despite the lead being sick and wearing nothing but a short skirt and (thankfully) briefs Deer Tick is still going strong. awesome band

September 17th, 2009

Helio Sequence was also great. They did a genuine encore. Venue turned on the lights and music, people started leaving, then BAM, the band comes back on WOOT
MFNW report: Dr.Dog was freakin' awesome. And I only had one over priced PBR. Seriously, $4 for a PBR pounder? I can get a 6 pack for that. The fuck?!)

August 27th, 2009


Purple Avenger

(no subject)

Purple Avenger
Eash of us, in 'is own waaay, mus' learn to deal wi' life's adversity in a mawture and addult fashion.

August 19th, 2009

(no subject)

Purple Avenger
During my long and (in)glorious time as a freelance thinker, which sounds better than unemployed shiftless layabout, I had time to ponder many things. Most are not fit for publication even on the trash heap of malformed logic and stupidity that is the internet. One train of thought, though, managed to make it from station to station long enough to be considered cohesive, dare I say, even worthwhile. Even better, I feel that it has some bearing on recent events in our country.

Or I'm talking out my ass again. You be the judge.

I pondered awhile ago why during the last quarter of the 18th century a number of self governing communities of mostly English origin along the eastern coast of the North America managed to successfully create a democratic form of government while in the period of my life, hundred of years later and with the advanced knowledge of democracy and the practice of democratic government that that time has brought, there have been so many failed attempts at creating working democracies. For the record, I know that the USA is not strictly a democratic government but rather a republic. And further that probably all of the failed, failing, or simply struggling democracies that I pondered are also not proper democracies. Yet it is the democratic aspect of our and other governments that I was thinking about, i.e. the actions of the populace in the workings of the government, so I will refer to governments as democratic.

We know the public workings of a democracy, at least in theory. Some subsection of the population, selected from the entirety of the populace by criteria of age, sex, status, or all too frequently just plain apathy, votes for legislation or for upstanding citizens that will represent them in voting for legislation. The cause, whether a particular piece of legislation or candidate, that garners the majority of the votes wins. Done. The opposing causes lose. Done. The law of the land may define majority in different ways, 50%, two-thirds, or whatever, but once reached it's done. The losing side may counter in a number of ways, but at some point in time they must acknowledge the loss, regroup, and move on to the next battle.

And that, that right there, is the Achilles heel of democracy. Functioning democracies depend on all the parties involved in the system accepting the rule that the majority wins, and whether you love or hate the majorities decision, you have to stand by that process, to stand by democracy. It is the fundamental compromise that makes democracy as a form of government viable. To do otherwise is to suggest a change in government, not from one administration to another, but from a government that derives it's powers from the will of the populace to one that doesn't.

Famously, Churchhill once said something to the effect that Democracy is the worst form of government created by man, except for all of the others. The Tea Baggers, Birthers, Deathers, and general vocal portion of the Right are really upset about the things that make Democracy suck. They're upset that the portion of the country that outnumbers and out votes them is trying to do things that they don't like (discussion of their reasons for not liking the actions of the Progressive left is a different, long, and ultimately fruitless post). The Birthers in particular are taking that tact that the basis of the new leftist movement is not really in charge, having cheated his way into the White House. These Right wing group haven't quite gone to the point of excusing themselves from the system, but their tactics of dragging the legislative process to a halt, disrupting public meetings rather than engaging in dialog, and mostly just spreading misinformation and lies to scare people to their side are damn close. I fear that should these below the belt tactics fail to stop the progressive movement, and I really really hope that they do, then some (or more) of the wackier wingnuts will decide to break the deal, to disregard the basic compromise of democracy. If enough of them do this, and it probably doesn't have to be more than a few percent of the population, then the whole thing could fall apart, usually in an escalating cycle of violence if history is any judge.

Yup, definitely talking out of my ass.

July 20th, 2009

(no subject)

Purple Avenger
The video below is one of the reasons I look forward to a future of YouTube, blogs, and other publicly generated content. United Airlines apparently breaks this guy's guitar and then refuses to do anything about it. So he writes a song and puts out a video and now almost 3.5 million people have watched it. Take that, United!

PS: Still alive. Contrary to popular belief I can stop drinking beer and won't croak immediately. Granted, it hasn't even been a week yet.

July 8th, 2009

This is the part of work that I'd forgotten. The part where there are things for me to do, all the resources that I need to do them, and yet I'd really rather go take a nap or read a book. Thus continuing to sit here and try to focus is like eating some horrid thing that's "good for you" even though it tastes like old carpet.

On a different note I'm considering giving up beer for the summer. Not drinking, of course. Heavens forbid! Just beer. In recent months I've found that the sweet siren called of brewed grains kissed by thousand tongued yeast and steeped in bittersweet hops is a little too constant a joy. The alcohol isn't getting to me, the calories are. So out of curiosity I want to see what happens if I stop drinking it for a few months, at least until the batch that is brewing in my garage at the moment is done. All other things equal will I drop some weight or maintain at my relatively constant waistline? Until then I'll have to subsist off of summer wines and the occasional mint julip. Mmmm, mint julip....*droool* It's a good thing I can't make my own whiskey ;)
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